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 Vicar     John Boniface   Ph 939-4189
 Priest Assistant  Christina Woodbridge  Ph 526-9291
 Priest  Associate  Rosemary Wright   Ph 526-7006
 Vicar's Warden   Dave Pullar  Ph 970-5255
 People's Warden   Lyn Bellamy   Ph 526-3053



     35-37 Cruickshank Road
     Upper Hutt 5018

     Parish Office: 04 939-1659

In the Parish  
Emergency Contact Details -- Vestry has decided that it would be helpful to have a register of emergency contact details for everyone. Please complete the orange form available in the church foyer, complete and return to the labelled box so that the register can be prepared. The register will be kept secure in the church office.
Garage Sale, 1 October -- Donations of loaves, cakes and slices would be appreciated for the cake stall at Saturday's Garage Sale.
Sunday, 25 September 26th Ordinary Sunday
Old Testament

Jeremiah 32: 1-15
1 Timothy 6: 6-19
Luke 16: 19-31

8am  New Zealand Prayer Book service page 404
9am  New Zealand Prayer Book service page 404
10.30am  Contemporary communion service
Tuesday, 27 September  
10am  Association of Anglican Women (AAW) meets in the church lounge
Wednesday, 28 September  
12noon Boys' Own Fellowship, Quinn's Post, Ward Street, Upper Hutt. Ph Bob Reid 26-9686 to reserve a seat. All men welcome.
Thursday, 29 September  
10am Holy communion service
   No Play Group until 13 October because of the school holidays
  Garage Sale set up - setting up the tables and emptying the shed and office of goods. All hands on deck please even for just a little while.
Friday, 30 October  
 9am Setting up for Saturday's garage sale in the church hall.
Have all those things you no longer needed to the church hall so our helpers can set up.
Saturday, 1 October  
 7.30am  Prayers in the church
 9-11am  Garage Sale in church hall. Many helpers needed.
Sunday, 2 October
8am  Traditional communion service
9am  New Zealand Prayer Book service
10.30am  Contemporary communion service
Reminder to those people on kitchen duty after the 10.30am service - don't forget to empty the bins!

Announcement from Sunday, 18 September -- John's final service with the Parish will be held on Sunday, 23 January 2017. 
Upper Hutt Foodbank -- The following items would be appreciated when you are next doing the shopping:  tinned fruit, biscuits, jam, peanut butter, salt and toilet rolls.
Plant Fair -- Labour Weekend Saturday, 22 October. Please continue to prepare plants for sale. Pots are available on the verandah or the church hall. Just help yourself.
Mission to Seafarers -- With the onset of some fairly chilling weather, knitted beanies (scarves too) are in real demand.  Please keep those knitting needles/crochet hooks moving and think of those seafarers who spend long periods at sea and far from home.