St Hilda's home page 

Vicar                              John Boniface                  Ph 939-4189
Priest Assistant         
Christina Woodbridge     Ph 526-9291
Priest  Associate        Rosemary Wright             Ph 526-7006
Community Worker   Glenis Bisset                   Ph 526-7186
Vicar's Warden           Dave Pullar                       Ph 817-9797
People's Warden        Lyn Bellamy                      Ph 526-3053


     35-37 Cruickshank Road
     Upper Hutt 5018

     Parish Office: 04 939-1659

This Week in the Parish 
Monday, 21st
10.00am                Morning House Group, Jean Parnells Phone: 5266771
1.30pm                   Afternoon House Group, Grace Martin Phone: 5286 6633               
Tuesday, 22nd July
10.00am               AAW Meeting, Topic - Deaf Children in Fiji, Speaker Ruth Harland
Wednesday, 23rd July
12 Noon               Boys Only Lunch at Quinns Post Tavern Contact: Bob Reid 526 9686
Thursday, 24th July
10.00am               Holy Communion
10.00am               Play Group until after the school holidays
Reminder that we please require ice cream containers for soups provided, thank you
Also if anyone has tablecloths at home please return, thank you