St Hilda's home page 

Vicar                              John Boniface                  Ph 939-4189
Priest Assistant         
Christina Woodbridge     Ph 526-9291
Priest  Associate        Rosemary Wright             Ph 526-7006
Community Worker   Glenis Bisset                   Ph 526-7186
Vicar's Warden           Dave Pullar                       Ph 817-9797
People's Warden        Lyn Bellamy                      Ph 526-3053


     35-37 Cruickshank Road
     Upper Hutt 5018

     Parish Office: 04 939-1659

This Week in the Parish 
Monday 3rd, August
1.30pm                      Afternoon House Group Grace Martin: ph 5286633
Tuesday 4th , August 
7.30pm                       Vestry Prayer Meeting
Thursday, 6th August
9.30am                    Play group in Hall
10.00am                 Holy Comunion
Saturday, 8th August
7.30am                   Prayer in Church
7.00pm                   Youth Dodgeball in the Hall