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 Vicar     John Boniface   Ph 939-4189
 Priest Assistant  Christina Woodbridge  Ph 526-9291
 Priest  Associate  Rosemary Wright   Ph 526-7006
 Vicar's Warden   Dave Pullar  Ph 970-5255
 People's Warden   Lyn Bellamy   Ph 526-3053



     35-37 Cruickshank Road
     Upper Hutt 5018

     Parish Office: 04 939-1659

In the Parish  
Monday, 27 June  
 1.30pm  Afternoon house group Ph Grace Martin 528-6633
Tuesday, 28 June  
 10am  Association of Anglican Women (AAW) meet in the church supper room for the monthly meeting followed by lunch. Enquiries to Lyn Bellamy Ph 526-3053
Thursday, 30 June  
 9.30am  Play Group in the church hall
 10am  Holy Communion
Friday, 1 July  
 9.30am Mainly music held at Timberlea Community Hall, 72 Norana Road, Timberlea.
30 minutes of music with your preschool child - meet and chat with others in the same season of life - your child will delight in the play time after the music session - and you'll savour food and drink together.
Saturday, 2 July  
7.30am Prayers in the church
   John & Suzanne Boniface celebrate the wedding of their daughter Donna
Sunday, 3 July  

Garage Sale, Saturday, 16 July -- Please drop off iclean, unbroken items into the church hall. No old television sets or computer screens. We will need plenty of help on the day and also the day before, to set up the stalls. Mark the date in your diary and sign up in the church foyer. Queries to Lyn Bellamy Ph 526 3053.

Wanted -- Two litre ice cream containers with lids for freezing soup.
Prayer Walking for 'Mainly Music' -- Pick up a green pamphlet from the foyer. Sign up as the Spirit moves you and indicate when we may pray in the church, and then walk the land. You may be able to do this only once, weekly or monthly, or perhaps as prayer support, sitting in the church. Thank you, John Boniface.
Kingdom Kash for Kagera -- Our Diocese is building a secondary school in a remote part of Tanzania. The next step in the building programme is a Girl's Hostel. We are appealing for all your leftover foreign currency to go into our blue bucket. Over $20,000 has been raised so far. Please check your old jars and purses for coins and notes that can change lives. Please help us to fill the blue bucket available in the church. 
Beanies and Scarves -- Thank you so much to those people that have knitted and continued to knit for our the Mission to Seafarers. They are in huge demand and much appreciated.